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7 Reasons to Choose Us

Pay Attention to the Packaging

Transparent Packaging

Our granola is visible and not hidden in its box. The appearance can tell us a lot about whether we will enjoy the taste and texture of our food. That's why we make your selection easier by presenting our product in transparent packaging.

Few and Understandable Ingredients


We prefer granola with few and understandable ingredients, just like we would make it at home, without fillers, artificial preservatives, and stabilizers.

Check the First Ingredient


We choose granola with oats as the first ingredient to ensure it is high in dietary fiber.

Oils that Remain Healthy when Heated

Healthy Oils

We choose granola that contains unsaturated fats, such as extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil, which remain healthy at high temperatures, unlike vegetable oils like sunflower oil.

Avoid Processed Sugars

Natural Sweeteners

We prefer granola that contains unprocessed sugar, such as maple syrup or honey, rather than glucose or fructose syrup, white or brown sugar.

Nuts & Seeds

Dietary Fiber

We choose granola with plenty of nuts or seeds for enhanced dietary fiber, protein, nutritious fats, and trace minerals.

Check for the EU Logo

Certified Organic

We look for the certified logo of the European Union to ensure that the product is organic.

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